The Art of Karina Keri-Matuszak




As with all my copper paintings, nail and hammer marks are retained. This painting will change in different lighting due to the reflective qualities of the copper underneath. This painting is wired and ready to hang. The copper "eyes" are placed in such a way that the painting may be rewired to hang horizontally--or even upside down. Each copper eye has a felt backing to protect your wall. If you are purchasing an ELITE size painting, the same thing is accomplished with wood screws instead of copper eyes. The painting is signed and dated on the back.

My work is titled based on current personal experience and the look of a piece. When a painting is purchased, I reveal the explanation of title to the owner. We are the only ones who have this information, unless the owner decides to reveal it. In this way, the owner and I have a personal connection through the painting. The winning bidder will receive a Certificate of Authenticity and an Explanation of Title.

I am one of a handful of artists in the country who uses copper as a canvas. You may see many artists that use metallic paint to create a shiny effect, but I am one of the few artists that uses this unique and amazing medium.


All paintings are professionally packaged and shipped. This is the safest way get your painting to you. Paintings are shipped insured. They are shipped through DHL, Fedex, or UPS. Prints are shipped in sturdy padded envelopes. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT COPPER AND METAL PIECES ARE MUCH HEAVIER THAN CANVAS PIECES. THEY ARE METAL AND WOOD AND ARE MUCH HEAVIER TO SHIP. Also, be aware that I ship within 5 business days of payment to allow for extra drying time, if necessary. My work sells very quickly and sometimes isn't completely dry when it is purchased. I want to make sure your painting arrives in perfect condition. I do combine shipping so if you are purchasing multiple pieces please ask me for a shipping quote. It is very difficult to estimate shipping until I know which pieces you are purchasing. If you are purchasing outside the continental U.S., please contact me for rates.