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Urban Copper Art by Atlanta Metal Artist! Atlanta Copperworks Studio. Modern Art for your home or business! Rare! Cool! Four Panels! 24" x 48" Total! Highly Collectible! Unique! Copper Painting / Wall Sculpture! Own an Original!

My art is being featured on a National Television Series--College Hill Five!

This painting is HUGE and spans four panels. It is 24" x 48" total area. Gallery pricing for a piece this size is $2100. This is the size of TWO of my standard size paintings.

This painting will glow and change in the light!

Copper Shines Through!

Cool Scratches in the Paint!

I am one of the premier artists in the country that uses copper as a canvas. See my article in COPPER IN THE ARTS MAGAZINE, July 2007.


Now is your chance to Own an Original!

Title: Strength in Reassurance
48" x 24" Total
Oil on Copper, Wood Support
April 2008
About This Piece:

The first time I saw one I couldn't pull my eyes away. I stood there, mouth open, eyes locked, unaware of the people bustling by. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever encountered. That moment changed my art forever.

This fantastic piece spans 4 panels. The total area is 48" x 24". Four full wrapped copper boards, each 12" x 24" make up the total area. You are buying a piece that is the size of TWO of my standard size pieces.

As with all my copper paintings, nail and hammer marks are retained. This painting will change in different lighting due to the reflective qualities of the copper underneath. This painting is wired and ready to hang. The copper "eyes" are placed in such a way that the painting may be rewired to hang horizontally--or even upside down. Each copper eye has a felt backing to protect your wall. The painting is signed and dated on the back.

My work is titled based on current personal experience and the look of a piece. When a painting is purchased, I reveal the explanation of title to the owner. We are the only ones who have this information, unless the owner decides to reveal it. In this way, the owner and I have a personal connection through the painting. The winning bidder will receive a Certificate of Authenticity and an Explanation of Title.

I am one of a handful of artists in the country who uses copper as a canvas. You may see many artists that use metallic paint to create a shiny effect, but I am the only artist on this site that uses this unique and amazing medium.

***Photos of Interiors May Not be to scale!!!

Certified Member of EBSQ
Self-Representing Artists

About the Artist:


"A Shining example of an American Artist leading this exciting movement and highlighting copper's importance in today's contemporary art world"......Copper In the Arts, July 2007

In the Press.....

FORM Artistic Independence.....June 2008

Tulane Review.....Spring 2007

Copper in the Arts......July 2007

Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine...April 2007

Gwinnett Daily Post, November 2006

NY Arts Magazine, Art Fairs International, China Arts……review, Tips and Picks, January/February 2006


Art of the Day, EBSQ, December 21, 2006.....Candlelight Rain

Art Exhibitions and Events...


FORM 2008, Artistic Independence, June 2008

My art will be used on the set of a NATIONAL TELEVISION SERIES---COLLEGE HILL 5 on BET airing March 11 at 10 PM!

I'm teaming up with Modern Danish, one of the top sink and fixture companies in the country, to provide copper accent pieces which compliment their contemporary style!

100 artists for $100....Defoor Gallery, November 2007

Gwinnett Women's Expo April 28 & 29........Gwinnett Center, Duluth, GA

Lines into Shapes…..Art Center of Estes Park, Estes Park, CO, September 16-October 8, 2005

My work is displayed at ….

Gallery 873, Ivins, UT

Sassafras Grille......Rome, GA

Element Restaurant....Atlanta, GA

The Cotton Patch…..Augusta, GA

Staley's Grace....Atlanta, GA

Art on 5, Atlanta's Urban Gallery....Atlanta, GA

The Big Chill and Grill......Chattanooga, TN

Artwalk.......Boone, NC

Cafe Rendevous......Conover, NC

Atlantic Center Plaza Atheletic Club.....Atlanta, GA

My Art Gallery/Twin Rivers Mall.....New Bern, NC

Here’s what others have to say….

"You have amazing talent and produce beautiful works"...L.A., Southern Living Magazine

"Wow I loved your work, it was a pleasure lookin' at it everyday!!"......Dorion, College Hill 5, BET Network

"It's truly hard to appreciate your art online".......C.B., Dallas TX

"Unusual and effective".......World Art Media

"An artist who is coming into her own"......Portfolio South

"Your work is beautiful"....T.W.G., South Carolina

"The Paintings are Spectacular"....K.L., Sassafras Grille, Rome GA

"what a wonderful still life-truly amazing artist-very pleased A+++ " ....L.P., Boston, MA

"I could look at this for hours! Right when I think I have memorized every pattern, the light changes and it becomes a whole new painting. "...J.K., Gyoma, Hungary

"Your art is cool"...K.A., Hawaii

"I LOVE it!!! Its great!"...A.G., Portland, OR

"I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ...L.B., Plano, TX

"Very very cool! That is the most fantastic thing! Just beautiful!".........L.W., Panama City, FL

"I'm really liking your style!".......A.H., Staley's Grace

"Emotion and Shimmering Copper. Uplifting! Extremely Talented Working Artist! Hope to see more! AA+"........M.R., Dalton, GA

"Absolutely love it! Fantastic Piece. Would definitely buy again."........R.L., Torrance, CA

"Kudos to you for your eye-tempting brain-teasing absolutly delicious work! It's fresh, inventive and evocative. In the interest of redundancy, I love it!...Mary--Illinois, USA

"I can't count the number of times I've said "wow," when you posted new work. ".........S.W., Lincoln, NE

"They just keep getting better. I have a WALL dedicated to your work. THANKS!"......C.B., Dallas, TX

Does the art on your walls make others stop and stare? Is the art you own an enchanting conversation piece when you have a party or group of friends over? Do you like being one of the first collectors who has the eye to spot a popular artist before they are well known? Does the art you own seem to pull you in, moving and changing throughout the day as a wonderful escape?

Fortunately, it's easy to be the owner of a one of a kind original painting from Karina Keri-Matuszak. Just bid on an auction, buy from my store, or contact me for a commissioned piece!

The day I saw my first copper painting in 2005 was the day my art was taken to a whole other level. I'm so glad I discovered this rare and unique art form. I'm thrilled to be able to bring this type of art to you too, so that you can experience it for yourself!

Atlanta CopperWorks Studio features the art of Karina Keri-Matuszak.

My name is Karina Keri-Matuszak. I specialize in Copper Art. Copper Art is very unusual. It has a shimmering stained glass feel, but is much more urban and rough. It is very rustic, and retains hammer marks and nails. Copper Art takes on a completely different look based on the lighting and the reflective quality of the copper. It almost seems to move and change. I'm sure you will enjoy this art as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Karina studied art at the American College for the Applied Arts in the U.S. and London in the early 1990s. After designing wedding gowns for 7 years, she now uses her textile skills to work with the copper. She exhibits her work all over the country and sells online.

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My art will be used on the set of College Hill, airing March 11 at 10 PM on BET: My art is being collected across the country and is receiving quite a bit of attention. I have been featured in three international art magazines and received a considerable amount of press and recognition. My art is sold in galleries and retail outlets nationwide, and will be on the set of a national television series in March 2008. Now is the time to invest in an Atlanta Copperworks Studio painting because the demand is increasing every day.